We believe that every brand should be transparent in their pricing, respectful to their designers, and sell directly to their customers without any hidden markups.

Direct to Consumer

By cutting the middleman and unnecessary fees, we can pass the saving to our customers.


Our pricing strategy is simple and transparent, we show you our cost, expenses and profits.

Quality Design

We either make our own designs in house or pay fairly to our partner designers.

Direct to Consumer

By working directly with factories and designers, we can eliminate the unnecessary fees and offer products of highest at the most affordable price. Our products are made in the very same factory as the luxury brands, and more importantly, these partner factories are carefully selected by our fashion veterans and are in full compliance with our environmental and ethical standards.

Zero Middle Man

No Marketing Tactics

Transparent Pricing

Our prices are fully transparent. In the ‘price breakdown’ table on the right hand side of product page, we tell you in great detail the cost of our goods, our expenses and our profits. For most of our products, 1/3 of the price goes to the cost of goods, the second 1/3 will cover expenses such as salary and rents, and the last 1/3 will be used to develop new products.

Original Design

Our products are either designed in-house in Los Angeles, CA or collaborated with young local artists in Europe. We strongly respect the work of our designers and we pay a fair price for their work. By doing so, we aim to build a stronger sense of intellectual property in the fashion industry.

Design and IP Protection